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Jacqui Melman

"Within the confines of rationality, our thought processes lack the expression of our inner soul, only to be liberated by the subconscious." - Jacqui Melman


New Jersey based artist Jacqui Melman's work is informed by her early study of color theory at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Her formal training continued at the State Univdersity of New York at Albany where she received a BFA and further developed her unique sense of color and abstraction. Melman's modernistic style, carefully blending intensity, an inherent sexuality, and a divine sense of humor , has afforded her great recognition.  


After studying stone carving for many years under the tutelage of renowned artist Elaine Warshaw, Melman has launched her own school for aspiring sculptors in Manalapan New Jersey.


Melman feels that each piece in her collection is nurtured more towards an overall fluidity of emotion than with an exactness of technique.  Her art is created to capture inner emotions.  She allows each medium to 4express its own personality.  Her primary aspiration is for recognition for her artistic language.

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